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CareFusion (NYSE: CFN) is a global corporation serving the health care industry with products and services that help hospitals measurably improve patient care.

Our family of products and services are used in over 120 countries and include some of the most widely recognized brand names in their categories: Pyxis® for medication and supply management, Alaris® for infusion, AVEA® and Pulmonetic Systems™ for ventilation, Jaeger®, SensorMedics® and Micro Medical for respiratory diagnostic instruments, AVAmax® and PleurX® for interventional procedures, V. Mueller® and Snowden-Pencer® for surgical instruments, Nicolet neurodiagnostic instruments, MedMined™ for infection surveillance and ChloraPrep® for preoperative skin preparation.

CareFusion employs more than 15,000 people across its global operations. More information may be found at

Vyntus® CPX

Vyntus CPXComplete cardiopulmonary stress testing in one metabolic cartVyntus CPX is an accurate and reliable system that allows the determination of a subjects’ metabolic response. It can measure both children and adults, from patients to athletes; collecting full breath-by-breath data. The main measured/calculated parameters are: V’O2, V’CO2, RER, V’O2/kg, V’E, BF, VTex, EqO2, EqCO2, BR FEV%, PETO2, PETCO2, REE, FAT, CHO, PROT and many more. Vyntus CPX is built using state of the art hardware technology. Features include fully automated volume and gas calibrations. The volume transducer is automatically calibrated without the need of a calibration syringe. Also O2 and CO2 analysers are automatically calibrated.  Ambient data are read automatically via the Vyntus Ambient Module. O2 analyser can be easily replaced in the field by a trained operator. The work-flow principle of SentrySuite software guides both the technician as well as the interpreting physician through the pre-defined steps, saving time and making sure nothing is missed.More information

MasterScreen® CPX

Masterscreen CPXComplete metabolic cart

The CareFusion MasterScreen CPX allows you to run a complete integrated exercise test quickly and easily as well as breath-by-breath energy expenditure. As with all CareFusion diagnostic products, MasterScreen CPX can share its data with your electronic patient record. Powerful, yet affordable.

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Oxycon® Mobile

Oxycon MobileComplete wireless, portable cardiopulmonary stress testing system

Oxycon Mobile from CareFusion lets you determine a patient’s metabolic response while exercising, working or in any setting that traditional, stationary metabolic systems cannot. The device records breath-by-breath data mounted to the subjects’ body via a comfortable vest and allows testing in all groups of persons; from children to adults and from patients to athletes.

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Vmax® Encore Metabolic Cart

VMax Encore Metabolic CartComplete cardiopulmonary stress testing and indirect calorimetry testing in one metabolic cart

You can count on Vmax Encore products from CareFusion to maintain their accuracy and reliability for many years. That’s why Vmax Encore products have become known as the work-horses of metabolic carts.

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Metabolic Carts-CPET & Nutrition Products

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