Vyntus™ CPX Metabolic Cart

The Vyntus™ CPX is an accurate, reliable system that collects full       
breath-by-breath data and allows the determination of a subject’s
metabolic response. It can be used on adults and children, whether
patients or athletes.
The Vyntus™ CPX is the result of over 50 years of experience in
the development of CPET devices.

Together with the Vyntus™ ECG, this Metabolic Cart is a powerful combination.

* Accurate: Built on trusted high-end sensor technology
* Helpful: Automated software guidance during testing and results evaluation
* Integrated: 12-Lead-Bluetooth ECG, on-board pulse oximeter,
and automated volume/gas calibration

Features & Benefits
* Comprehensive Protocol Editor program for creating individual
ramp step and weight dependent protocols
* Report Designer program for customized reports                                               
* Layout Editor program for adjusting graphs and parameter sets
* High/Low FIO2, Mixing Chamber Mode and Canopy Indirect
Calorimetry optional
* Integrated pulse oximetry
* Automatic volume and gas calibration
* Automatic Evaluation Workflow including ventilatory threshold
determination and slope calculation.

Vyntus™ ECG 12-lead PC-ECG

Vyntus™ ECG is a lightweight, compact, wearable ECG, making           
it the ideal 12-lead PC-based ECG for testing in pulmonary and
exercise physiology laboratories. Using Bluetooth® communication
from the patient back to the metabolic cart, Vyntus ECG reduces
the number of cables surrounding the patient during testing.
Built into each lead wire is an impedance check that lights up
when the signal is not sufficient for quality testing.

Combining Vyntus ECG  with SentrySuite™ software, users now have a single integrated database solution that makes testing, reporting, and EMR integration much easier.

             Features & Benefits    Providing ONE:
* User interface
* Network interface
* Combined report
* Program to train
* HIS connection
* Central database
* Quality check
* Impedance check indicator via LEDs in the snap connector and software dialogue for better signal quality.
* Full Disclosure to keep the overview
* Flexible setup
* Different layouts of the ECG display plus settings for filter, speed, gain and grid styles allows more in-depth analysis of the ECG recording
* Controls ergometer
* Includes versatile Report Designer