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The 2018 Practicum in Cologne

Under the auspices of the very experienced Course Director, Dr Daniel Dumitrescu of CPX International, and the assisting Company Director, Ulf Beyen of :-

Beyen Consult GmbH | Friedrich-Breuer-Str. 46 | 53225 Bonn |
| Postfach 30 02 36 | 53182 Bonn |
| Sitz Bonn | Amtsgericht Bonn | HRB Nr. 14915 |
| Geschäftsführer Ulf Beyen |
The Practicum was a great sucess, in no small part due to the fact that the entire Practicum was held at one Hotel :-

LINDNER Hotel City Plaza
Magnusstrasse 20
D-50672 Köln

The lectures were as always quite excellent, and I think that the Sponsors were happy with the event. The Young Investigators Awards encouraged some very good presentations with a first prize of US$1,000 awarded to Celina Fritz and equal two second places of US$500 awarded to Katharina Seuthe and Christopher Hohmann. This feature of the Practicum has proven very sucessful and we hope to see it grow in size with more entries each year.

We went out most evenings to some quite excellent ‘eateries’; another tradition we must strive to continue! I have  added the email addresses of all the people who attended the Practicum. By attending this meeting the attendees become members of CPX International Inc and providing we have their email addresses they will receive one or more abstracts involving CPET each week. Currently I send out abstracts to over 600 members.

Next year, 2019 the Practicum will be held in Graz in Austria under the auspices of Gabor Kovacs. I really hope to see some of the ‘experienced’ members as well as lots of new ones!!

Paul Older

Executive Director CPX International.
Adj Professor Swinburne University

Spiroergometrie in Deutschland

KnippingDie Wurzeln der Spiroergometrie in Deutschland reichen bis in die frühen 20er Jahre des letzten Jahrhunderts.

Die Schule von Knipping in Köln (ab 1932, siehe Abbildung) wurde von W. Hollmann (Sport-medizin) und J.D. Meyer- Erkelenz in Aachen (Pneumologie und Kardiologie, 1973 weitergeführt.

Seit 1989 besteht die Spiroergometrie Arbeitsgruppe als eine zwanglose und nicht von Vereinsstatuten gebundene Gemeinschaft. Als wissenschaftliche Arbeitsgruppe gehört sie zur Deutschen Gesellschaft für Pneumologie und Beatmungsmedizin e.V.

Im Februar finden jährliche nationale Treffen mit internationalen Referenten und einer regen interdisziplinären Diskussion statt. In mehr als 20 regionalen Arbeitsgruppen wird das Wissen zur Spiroergometrie gemeinsam erarbeitet, eine gute Messqualität wird angestrebt und klinische Fälle werden gemeinsam besprochen. Die Arbeitsgruppe hat Mitglieder verschiedener Disziplinen (Pneumologie, Kardiologie, Sport-, Arbeits-, Reha- Medizin und andere). Wir erheben keinen Mitgliedsbeitrag, die Aufnahme erfolgt durch Anmeldung in der Mailing Liste (Email). Siehe Homepage unserer–

Erste internationale Kontakte (innerhalb Europas) sind geknüpft. Seit 2004 konnten wir dank Prof. Karlman Wasserman auch globale Kontakte in Übersee ausbauen. Wir freuen uns, dies über „CPX-International“ zu vertiefen.

Die Arbeitsgruppe hat drei Sprecher und eine Kontaktperson zur CPX International.

Karl Heinz Rühle, Michael Westhoff and Joachim Meyer (Sprecher),
Rolf F. Kroidl (Internationale Kontakte).

Kontaktdaten auf:–

Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing in Germany

Roots of ergospirometry [CPET- cardio pulmonary exercise testing] in Germany date back to the early 1920s.

The fundamental work of Knipping and his school in Cologne (starting in 1932, see Figure) were elaborated by W. Hollmann (sport medicine) and J.D. Meyer-Erkelenz in Aachen (Pneumology and Cardiology, 1973).

Founded in 1989, the Ergospirometry Working Group exists as an informal community, free from legally induced regulations. Our scientific working group is part of the German Society of Pneumology.

Every February, the annual national meetings gather international speakers and an interdisciplinary auditorium for discussions. At present there are more than 20 regional working groups, promoting the understanding and the background of physiology, deepening the practical skill of measuring and maintaining a good working quality.  Clinical cases are discussed. The working group consists of members from different specialties (e.g. pneumology, cardiology, sport-, occupational- and rehabilitation medicine). There is no membership fee, all individuals interested in CPET are welcome to join us, just by notification and entering the mailing list (see our home page–

First international connections have been initiated. In February 2004, we had the pleasure to welcome Professor Karlman Wasserman at our annual national meeting. Since then, global networking has been growing. We look forward to the challenging task in the near future.

The working group has three speakers and one person to foster international relations.

Karl Heinz Rühle, Michael Westhoff and Joachim Meyer (speakers),
Rolf F. Kroidl (international relations).

For contact refer to–