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Graz European Practicum 2019

The 2019 European Practicum was held at the:
Medical  University of Graz – Horsaalzentrum
Auenbruggerplatz 50 ~ 8036 Graz ~ Austria

It was a great sucess in no small part due to the highly efficient  organising team under the auspices of Irene Czurda. (Left side nearest the camera!)  The doctor behind the organisation was Priv.Doz.Dr Gabor Kovacs (Gabor)

It is no small undertaking to run a Practicum of three days with more than 60 people attending from all over Europe; making this a truly International meeting. Graz University Hospital provided great facilities for the lectures, tutorials and laboratory sessions.

To run this Practicum depends on participation fees and sponsors and we are very grateful to our (CPX International Inc) sponsors. These were Cortex, Cosmed and Schiller – I really do thank them.

There were over 30 lectures plus two laboratory sessions where actual cardiopulmonary exercise tests (CPET) were performed. The people to whom I spoke were very happy with the Practicum and the way that it was run.

The tutorials were divided into three levels. One for ‘beginners’; one for ‘intermediate’ and one for ‘advanced’ participants. This was a sucessful inovation and feel sure will be repeated.





The traditional course dinner was held at the Gosserbrau Restaurant, the most traditional brewery in Graz. The atmosphere was pleasant which facilitated the exchange between participants and the teaching Faculty. Typical local food such as pumpkin soup and Schnitzel were washed down with traditional Gosser beer.

There was a young investigators award with over Euros 2,000 available as prize money. The winner was Julia Hock, from the Munich Heart Centre, runner up was Max Potratz with third place going to Massimo Mapelli





For those who were not shy there was the traditional group photo …Unfortunately my camera was unable to see around corners or through people, so some of the participants were not seen. I do apologise but as the saying goes ‘if you can’t see the camera, it won’t see you.’

My thanks to all of you and I will start sending out abstracts very soon. I really hope that you enjoyed the Practicum. You are always able to contact me with briqbats or bouquets.

Dr Paul Older



Brockenhurst Practicum 2017

The Practicum at Brockenhurst, from November 7th to November 9th, was a great sucess with a record number of attendees – 120!!  The meeting was run by Professor Mike Grocott with Siobhan Mythen doing a lot of the organization. This photo was taken by Glen Jevon using my camera. He is a professional photographer, who took a video of all the talks. Hopefully they will be become available in time.The meeting was in fact a meeting of POETTS, EBPOM as well as CPX International Inc. It was held at a hotel in the New Forest called the Balmer Lawn Hotel. It was a lovely old hotel with old fashioned excellent service. I visited the village of Brockenhurst and saw an amazing butcher with the following sign outside. 

Haven’t seen one like that where I come from.
We went out for dinner at restaurants around where we were staying. The food was outstanding and the evenings were memorable.
The lectures were excellent and altogether it was an outstanding Practicum. Our major sponsors were Schiller, Cosmed, Cortex and Geratherm; I really do hope that they felt it was a sucessful meeting.
There was a long Board Meeting on the Monday before the Practicum. Two things to come out of this were that Professor Grocott was elected as Vice President of our Society and the AGM agreed to increase the size of the Board from seven to nine.

The 2018 Practicum will be held in Cologne in October under the auspices of Dr Daniel Dumitrescu

Dr Paul Older
Executive Director CPX International.
November 2017

Milan Practicum 2016

October 26th – 29th 2016

The Practicum was very well attended and run in its entirety at Centro Cardiologico Monzino. This is a Hospital devoted entirely to patients with heart disease whether that be medical or surgical.
Milan is a large very old city with a host of exciting antiquities including the magnificent Cathedral and Castle. Professor Agostoni also found some very exciting and different restaurants.
The programme was the traditional European Practicum format with three days of lectures, tutorials and practical laboratory sessions. Several major players in the cardiopulmonary industry were represented; these included Carefusion, Cortex, Cosmed, Schiller and Geratherm.
The physiology lectures were given by Professor Susan Ward and despite having taken an interest in physiology over many years, I learn new information at every Practicum. It was very good to see that the lectures kept pace with current issues such as neoadjuvant therapy and the MECKI score.
An innovation this year was the introduction of three prizes to the best research papers presented to the Research session on the Saturday morning. The Board had decided to award each of the best three presenters a prize of US$1,500. The winners were, in no particular order, Stefania Paolillo, Felix Gerhardt and Roberto Badagliacca. It is hoped that these awards will be awarded each year.
It is gratifying to see registrants from so many countries and I noted the presence of registrants from mainland China.


Not a good photo. Many of our registrants were in the shade!!

Munich Practicum 2015 (The XIX European Practicum)

The 2015 „European Practicum on Cardiopulmonary exercise testing“ was held in Munich from 4th – 7th November 2015. It was a meeting with slightly more than 100 participants, newbies and experts, from all continents except South America and Antarctica.

There was a teaching course on the first three days covering all main topics of CPET. On Wednesday we started with basic exercise physiology. Besides the presentations there was a tutorial, where 10-15 participants could ask questions to one tutor from the faculty. On Thursday there was our “how to do” day. Different protocols and a standard report were presented. In two practical sessions the sponsoring industry could present their metabolic carts during constant work and ramp tests; tutors explained the measurements and their physiological background. On Friday various clinical applications of a CPET were shown. Again in specialized tutorials on different medical fields and in another laboratory session with an exercising patient, the CPET as a diagnostic tool was demonstrated.

On Saturday there was a scientific session with abstract presentations of new studies. We heard about new CPET variables, new algorithms how CPET results can be used to guide diagnostics or therapy, and some training studies.

It was an exhausting, but very interesting week, and we are looking forward to the next practicum in Milan / Italy from 26th to 28th October 2016.

Alfred Hager
(Chair of the 2015 Practicum)

HertzzentrumMunich2015From the perspective of CPX International Inc., this Practicum in Munich was a great sucess due in no small part to the energy of Professor Doctor Hager. Everything ran very well and the venue was excellent. The weather was very cold for those of us who came from Australia but we soon adapted. There were around 100 people enrolled of whom only a small number were German. This says a lot for the sucess of the advertising from Professor Doctor Hager. We received a lot of suggestions on how things could be improved from those attending. We will certainly take note of these and will implement the ideas where possible.

I and the Faculty, really would like to thank you for attending and remind you that you are now members of CPX International Inc.; as such you will receive regular abstracts of articles from many different journals on a regular basis

For the first time we have included on this page, some of the lectures in .pdf format. These can be accessed via ‘clicking’ on the appropriate link.

Adjunct Professor Paul Older
Executive Director of CPX International Inc

CPXI2015_BloodPressure_20151101 from Professor Doctor Hager
CPXI2015_OygenTransport_20151103 from Professor Doctor Hager
Exercise physiology and sports performance_Pressler
Training according to CPET results_Pressler
Takken presentation for website CPXI
Munich2015  Dr Older
Exercise in Myopathies Munich 2015




Zwolle Practicum 2014

The 2014 Practicum was held at Zwolle in the Netherlands from Wednesday October 1st to Friday October 3rd. On Saturday October 4th there was a morning session devoted to ‘Recent Advances’.

Nine charts and an awful lot of numbers. What’s normal and
what abnormal? The 2014 European Practicum in Exercise
testing and interpretation was held in Zwolle the
Netherlands. Three and a half days of lectures and practica
were an ideal combination to enhance the skills of exercise
testing and interpretation. Almost 100 participants from
all kinds of different disciplines (cardiology,
pulmonology, clinical physiology, rehabilitation, sportsmedicine
and anesthesiology) and countries gathered in
Zwolle to learn from experts in their field. Different than
in other years we had a lot of subscriptions from sport
physicians. This demonstrates that the practicum is both in
width and depth accessible for professionals interested in
exercise testing and interpretation.
Although Prof Wasserman wasn’t able to be visit the
practicum, we thank him and the rest of the team for the
informative and pleasant days.

The organisation for the Practicum was headed by Dr Aernout Snoek who may be contacted via email at

The venue of the Practicum was

Zwolle is about 100km from Amsterdam, with the venue and hotels nearby.







List of Practicums

CPX International (formerly ISEIRE) has been holding an annual Practicum since 1997.

  • 1997 Essen, Germany
  • 1998 Balatonfured, Hungary
  • 1999 Rome, Italy
  • 2000 Berlin, Germany
  • 2001 Barcelona, Spain
  • 2002 Maastricht, Netherlands
  • 2003 Athens, Greece
  • 2004 Milan, Italy
  • 2005 London, England
  • 2006 Basel, Switzerland
  • 2007 Rome, Italy
  • 2008 Oporto, Portugal
  • 2009 Cologne, Germany
  • 2010 Bucharest, Romania
  • 2011 Potsdam, Germany
  • 2012 London, England
  • 2013 Cancelled
  • 2014 Zwolle, Netherlands
  • 2015 Munich, Germany
  • 2016 Milan, Italy
  • 2017 Brockenhurst, England
  • 2018 Cologne, Germany
  • 2019 Graz, Austria
  • 2020 Virtual Practicum
  • 2021 Utrecht postponed to 2022