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Ultima™ CardiO2® gas exchange analysis system

Two technologies in a singular all-in-one powerful cardiorespiratory diagnostic system.

A medical system can’t just look nice, it has to be able to improve patient care with intuitive, easy-to-use technology while optimizing functional capabilities. We designed the Ultima Series™ cardiorespiratory diagnostic systems to do just that.

The Ultima™ CardiO2® gas exchange analysis system pairs two superior technologies to produce one singularly powerful solution. The Ultima CardiO2 system combines our leading gas exchange technology with the premier Mortara ECG. A single software platform seamlessly controls both the gas exchange and ECG components. The result is an all-in-one, easy-to-use, metabolic stress testing system.

  • Fast responding oxygen and carbon dioxide sensors acquire data on a discreet breath-by-breath basis, providing continuous analysis and display of data.
  • Simplified testing and data interpretation
  • Optional wireless ECG and thermal printer.

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Ultima CPX™ Metabolic Stress Testing System

Complete assessment of functional capacity and cardiorespiratory diagnostics.

The Ultima CPX™ metabolic stress testing system provides true breath-by-breath metabolic analysis during both rest and exercise for complete assessment of functional capacity and cardiorespiratory diagnostics

  • Testing capabilities including Exercise Capacity, Direct Fick Cardiac Output and Spirometry.
  • Easily interfaces with ergometers (cycle and treadmill).

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Ergocard CPX exercise testing system

The Ergocard CPX provides solutions for:

  • Cardiopulmonary exercise testing
  • Pre-operative assessment
  • Rehabilitation  – Post Heart / Lung Surgery
  • Sports Science including Adults to pediatrics

The Ergocard CPX is available in two models: Clinical and Professional.

Ergocard CPX Clinical is an ideal budget system for multiple test centres with networking, pre-operative assessment and clinical work, utilising non-dispersive infrared CO2 and electrochemical O2 sensor with the prevent® flow sensor.

Ergocard CPX Professional adds value to the Research user with the additional of indirect Fick Cardiac Output measurement, The device expands to full CPET/PFT functionality with multiple options (lung diffusion capacity, cardiac output by C2H2 disolution , lung volumes measurement, etc.) using a non-dispersive infrared COand laser spectroscopy O2 sensor.

  • Semi-disposable / reusable  preVent®flow sensor, flow measurement from 0 to 15 l/s.
  • Integrated weather station (temperature, humidity and barometric pressure) for BTPS correction of the volume.
  • Complete basic spirometry measurement, with Forced Vital Capacity, Slow Vital Capacity, Maximum Voluntary Ventilation and Minute Tidal Ventilation including bronchial provocation testing software.
  • Flow limitation during Exercise and Inspiratory Capacity change as a function of FRC change during exercise
  • Integrated NONIN SpO2 pulse oximetry standard for Professional or added option in the Clinical system
  • Also ability to have a direct interface and control with:
    • Cardioline, Mortara, General Electric or Custo-Med ECG
    • Ergometers and treadmills
    • TangoTM automatic blood pressure module with exercise artefact rejection using QRS Synchronisation
    • For simple Heart Rate use of a three electrode chest belt
  • Low cost of operation and low maintenance.
  • Compact system with cart or table-top configurations.
  • Expair software suite with complete operator and patient guide included

The Ergocard CPX can be combined with the following devices:

  • Micro 5000 spirometer
  • Micro 6000 spirometer
  • BodyBox plethysmograph
  • HypAir pulmonary function testing system
  • SpiroAir volumetric pulmonary function testing system
  • FeNO+
  • FeNObreath portable exhaled nitric oxide testing monitor
  • Resmon PRO FULL V3 forced oscillation technique

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