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Geratherm Respiratory Gmbh, based in the center of Germany, has been an internationally active manufacturer of medical devices for cardiopulmonary function diagnostics since 2007. In line with our motto “Professional quality for professional users”, our focus is on both the quality and usability of our devices to meet the requirements of daily use in the professional clinical sector.

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Ergostik Blueflow
With its disposable flow sensor Blueflow, the Ergostik Blueflow offers an excellent hygiene concept and thus reduces the amount of cleaning required. At the same time, the use of a new flow sensor for each measurement means that the measurement
accuracy is protected from ageing effects of the flow sensor. In addition, the Blueflow is very lightweight and has a low flow resistance, making it comfortable to wear.



The Ergostik has a robust flow sensor, the Ergoflow, which survives repeated falls without damage.

In addition, the Ergoflow is very lightweight and has a low dead space, making it comfortable to wear.




All of our devices are operated with our diagnostic
software platform BLUE CHERRY.
The clearly structured software contains many
features that support the user in their daily work,
such as the threshold wizard, user-defined
protocols or semiautomatic interpretation.