Group photos from CPX Practicums from Zwolle 2014 on

Dear all

It is possible for you to access and load the group photo from the Practicums from Zwolle 2014 on. There are only photos where there were actual Practicums, obviously not where they were postponed or a virtual meeting.

Proceed by accessing the website and click on ‘Practicums’ and choose the year and Practicum that you are after.

When the picture comes up take a screen shot (see below) of the photo and print it out. The definition should be OK as these photos are at 200-300 dpi. If you have aproblem with definition please contact me and I will try to increase the definition in Photoshop.

For MAC a screen shot is obtained by pressing ‘shift+command+5’ together
For a PC press ‘Widows logo+shift+S’. (this may differ with various. versios of Windows.
If you have a problem type ‘How do I take a screen shot with Windows’ in your browser.

My best regards
Paul Older