Clinical assessment before hepatectomy identifies high-risk patients

Ulyett, Simon; Wiggans, Matthew G.; Bowles, Matthew J.; Aroori,
Somaiah; Briggs, Christopher D.; Erasmus, Paul; Minto, Gary; Stell,
David A..

Journal of Surgical Research, September 2015, Vol. 198 Issue:
Number 1 p87-92, 6p;

Abstract: Liver resection is associated with
significant morbidity, and assessment of risk is an important part of
preoperative consultations. Objective methods exist to assess operative
risk, including cardiopulmonary exercise testing (CPX). Subjective
assessment is also made in clinic, and patients perceived to be
high-risk are referred for CPX at our institution. This article
addresses clinicians’ ability to identify patients with a higher risk
of surgical complications after hepatectomy, using selection for CPX as
a surrogate marker for increased operative risk.;