ERS International Congress 2020 Virtual: highlights from the Allied Respiratory Professionals Assembly.

Smith E; Thomas M; Calik-Kutukcu E; Torres-Sánchez I; Granados-Santiago M; Quijano-Campos JC; Sylvester K; Burtin C; Sajnic A; DBrandt J; Cruz J;

ERJ open research [ERJ Open Res] 2021 Feb 08; Vol. 7 (1). Date of Electronic Publication: 2021 Feb 08 (Print Publication: 2021).

This article provides an overview of outstanding sessions that were (co)organised by the Allied Respiratory Professionals Assembly during the European Respiratory Society International Congress 2020, which this year assumed a virtual format. The content of the sessions was mainly targeted at allied respiratory professionals, including respiratory function technologists and scientists, physiotherapists, and nurses. Short take-home messages related to spirometry and exercise testing are provided, highlighting the importance of quality control. The need for quality improvement in sleep interventions is underlined as it may enhance patient outcomes and the working capacity of healthcare services. The promising role of digital health in chronic disease management is discussed, with emphasis on the value of end-user participation in the development of these technologies. Evidence on the effectiveness of airway clearance techniques in chronic respiratory conditions is provided along with the rationale for its use and challenges to be addressed in future research. The importance of assessing, preventing and reversing frailty in respiratory patients is discussed, with a clear focus on exercise-based interventions. Research on the impact of disease-specific fear and anxiety on patient outcomes draws attention to the need for early assessment and intervention. Finally, advances in nursing care related to treatment adherence, self-management and patients’ perspectives in asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease are provided, highlighting the need for patient engagement and shared decision making. This highlights article provides readers with valuable insight into the latest scientific data and emerging areas affecting clinical practice of allied respiratory professionals.