Exercise oscillatory ventilation: the past, present, and future

G. Cunha, A. Apostolo, F. De Martino, E. Salvioni, I. Matavelli and P. Agostoni

Eur J Prev Cardiol 2023 Vol. 30 Issue Suppl 2 Pages ii22-ii27

Exercise oscillatory ventilation (EOV) is a fascinating event that can be appreciated in the cardiopulmonary exercise test and is characterized by a cyclic fluctuation of minute ventilation, tidal volume, oxygen uptake, carbon dioxide production, and end-tidal pressure for oxygen and carbon dioxide. Its mechanisms stem from a dysregulation of the normal control feedback of ventilation involving one or more of its components, namely, chemoreflex delay, chemoreflex gain, plant delay, and plant gain. In this review, we intend to breakdown therapeutic targets according to pathophysiology and revise the prognostic value of exercise oscillatory ventilation in the setting of heart failure and other diagnoses.