Peak oxygen uptake, ventilatory efficiency and QRS-duration predict event free survival in patients late after surgical repair of tetralogy of Fallot

Müller, Jan; Hager, Alfred; Diller, Gerhard-Paul; Derrick,
Graham; Buys, Roselien; Dubowy, Karl-Otto; Takken, Tim; Orwat, Stefan;
Inuzuka, Ryo; Vanhees, Luc; Gatzoulis, Michael; Giardini, Alessandro.
International Journal of Cardiology, October 2015, Vol. 196 Issue:
Number 1 p158-164, 7p

Abstract: Patients with repaired tetralogy of
Fallot (ToF) have an increased long-term risk of cardiovascular
morbidity and mortality. Risk stratification in this population is
difficult. Initial evidence suggests that cardiopulmonary exercise
testing (CPET) may be helpful to risk-stratify patients with repaired