Prediction Equations for Maximal Aerobic Capacity on Cycle Ergometer for the Spanish Adult Population.

Puente-Maestú L; Ortega F; Pedro JG; Rodríguez-Nieto MJ; Gómez-Seco J; Gáldiz B; Ojanguren I; Muñoz X; Blanco I; Burgos F; Rodríguez-Chiaradía DA; Gea J; García-Rio F;

Archivos de bronconeumologia [Arch Bronconeumol] 2020 Oct 10. Date of Electronic Publication: 2020 Oct 10.

Background: Frequently used reference values for clinical exercise testing have been derived from non-random samples and some with poorly defined maximal criteria. Our objective was to obtain population based reference values for peak oxygen uptake (V˙O 2 ) and work rate (WR) for cardiopulmonary exercise testing in a representative sample of Caucasian Spanish men and women.
Methods: 182 men and women, 20-85 years old, were included and exercised on cycle-ergometer to exhaustion. (V˙O 2 ) and WR were measured. The equations obtained from this sample were validated in an independent cohort of 69 individuals, randomly sampled form the same population. Then a final equation merging the two cohorts (=251) was produced.
Results: Height, sex and age resulted predictive of both V˙O 2 peak and WR. Weight and physical activity added very little to the accuracy to the equations. The formulas V˙O 2 peak=0.017⋅height(cm)-0.023⋅age(years)+0.864⋅sex(female=0/male=1)±179lmin -1 , and peak WR=1.345 · height (cm) – 2.074 · age (years)+76.54 · sex (female=0/male=1)±21.2W were the best compromise between accuracy and parsimony.
Conclusions: This study provides new and accurate V˙O 2 peak and WR rate reference values for individuals of European Spanish descent.