Pregnancy After Transcatheter Pulmonary Valve Implantation.

Kozicka U; Weroński K; Rużyłło W; Demkow M; Kowalski M; Śpiewak M;
Piotrowicz E; Siudalska H; Hoffman P; Biernacka EK

The Canadian Journal Of Cardiology [Can J Cardiol], ISSN: 1916-7075, 2017 Dec; Vol.
33 (12), pp. 1737.e5-1737

Transcatheter pulmonary valve implantation (TPVI) is a relatively new
method of treating patients with significant pulmonary regurgitation or
pulmonary stenosis, or both, after reconstruction of the right
ventricular outflow tract. It is an attractive alternative to conduit
replacement in this group of patients, who are typically young and
active. This report includes 4 young women who after successful TPVI
became pregnant and gave birth. Transthoracic echocardiography,
cardiopulmonary exercise testing, and cardiac magnetic resonance
imaging were performed in all patients. The results suggest that
pregnancy and delivery after successful TPVI is safe when the
appropriate precautions have been taken.Copyright © 2017 Canadian
Cardiovascular Society.