Pulmonary Function Testing and Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing: An Overview.

Krol K; Morgan MA; Khurana S;

The Medical Clinics Of North America [Med Clin North Am] 2019 May; Vol. 103 (3), pp. 565-576.

Respiratory symptoms are common reasons for patients to seek care and contribute significantly to use of health care resources. Identifying the underlying etiology of a respiratory symptom is key to management; yet, pinpointing the cause can be a challenge. Familiarity with the tools available to help discern between the various contributing etiologies is crucial in guiding management. Assessment and quantification of pulmonary function can provide an objective measure to guide diagnosis and therapy. We review key points of pulmonary function evaluation, highlighting indications and contraindications, fundamentals of interpretation, and the limitations of each individual component.