Pulmonary Sarcoidosis

Valeyre, Dominique; Bernaudin,
Jean-François; Jeny, Florence; Duchemann, Boris; Freynet, Olivia;
Planès, Carole; Kambouchner, Marianne; Nunes, Hilario.

Clinics in Chest  Medicine, December 2015, Vol. 36 Issue: Number 4 p631-641, 11p;
Abstract: Sarcoidosis is a systemic disease, with lung involvement in
almost all cases. Abnormal chest radiography is usually a key step for
considering diagnosis. Lung impact is investigated through imaging;
pulmonary function; and, when required, 6-minute walk test,
cardiopulmonary exercise testing, or right heart catheterization. There
is usually a reduction of lung volumes, and forced vital capacity is
the most accurate parameter to reflect the impact of pulmonary
sarcoidosis with or without pulmonary infiltration at imaging. Various
evolution patterns have been described. Increased risk of death is
associated with advanced pulmonary fibrosis or cor pulmonale,
particularly in African American patients.