Pulmonary function and COVID-19.

Thomas M; Price OJ; Hull JH;

Current opinion in physiology [Curr Opin Physiol] 2021 Mar 26. Date of Electronic Publication: 2021 Mar 26.

In people recovering from COVID-19, there is concern regarding potential long-term pulmonary sequelae and associated impairment of functional capacity. Data published thus far indicate that spirometric indices appear to be generally well preserved, but that a defect in diffusing capacity (DLco) is a prevalent abnormality identified on follow-up lung function; present in 20-30% of those with mild to moderate disease and 60% in those with severe disease. Reductions in total lung capacity were commonly reported. Functional capacity is also often impaired, with data now starting to emerge detailing walk test and cardiopulmonary exercise test outcome at follow-up. In this review, we evaluate the published evidence in this area, to summarise the impact of COVID-19 infection on pulmonary function and relate this to the clinico-radiological findings and disease severity.