About us

CPX International Inc. (formerly The International Society for Exercise Intolerance Research and Education (ISEIRE)) is a Society that has been established since 1996, and organises the annual European ‘Practicum in Exercise Testing and Interpretation’. It aims to :

  • improve the quality of life of people with exercise intolerance, through research and education;
  • provide information regarding prevention and control of exercise intolerance to its sufferers, health professionals, and to the public at large;
  • keep members (and others) apprised of recent advances and emerging concepts and practices in exercise science and medicine;
  • promoting collaborative research related to exercise intolerance

The Society invites applications for membership from physicians, teachers, technical support personnel and other health care professionals with interest in the causes, consequences and amelioration of exercise intolerance, with membership benefits including:

  • access to materials presented at the Society’s Practicums;
  • forum for presenting research findings to Society members with similar general interests;
  • access to the Society’s Website providing:
    • articles written by experts in the field on a wide range of topics regarding both concepts and practices in “Exercise Testing and Interpretation”;
    • means of interacting with others with collaborative research and/or teaching interests;
    • updates on upcoming “Meetings of Interest” and also “Articles of Interest”