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Potsdam Practicum 2011










Convenor Dr F. Kleber



 At this time the Board consisted of: P. Agostoni (President), K. Wasserman (Honorary President),
F. Kleber, M. Riley, D. Dumitrescu, P. Palange, J. Hansen, M. Grocott, P. Older
[Professor B.Whipp had died earlier this year]

All attendees at the Practicums were automatically placed on a mailing list. Each week or so abstracts from major Journals were sent out to all on the list.
At the Board meeting it was unanimously agreed that CPX International would underwrite any losses incurred at a Practicum would be underwritten to a maximum of US$20,000

Sponsors were: Carefusion, Cortex, Cosmed, Medbgraphics, Schiller.