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Oporto Practicum 2008


The 12th. European Practicum held at Gaia, Oporto, Portugal
The convenor was Dr Nuno Cortesao

At that time the Board consisted of
K.Wasserman (President), P. Agostoni, A.Gitt, R. Belardinelli, J. Hansen, M. Riley, B. Whipp, D.Levett, F. Kleber, P. Older,

Sponsors were: Cardinal Health [formerly Viasys – which was Jaeger and Sensor Medics]
Cosmed, Cortex, Schiller, Medgraphics, Innovision

The Practicum was video recorded and featured simultaneous translation into English and Portugese. At that time the society was called ISEIRE and the video discs are held by CPX
The Board Meeting held via email on 22nd October 2008
A website www.cpxtesting .com was setup but was not detectable by a Google search for ISIERE. Later the site name was to be changed to