An example of ventilatory limitation during cardiopulmonary exercise testing in a patient with COPD.

Farah CS; Faculty of Medicine and Health The University of Sydney Sydney New South Wales Australia.
Seccombe LM; King GG; Chapman DG; Irvin CG;

Respirology case reports [Respirol Case Rep] 2024 Apr 26; Vol. 12 (5), pp. e01360.
Date of Electronic Publication: 2024 Apr 26 (Print Publication: 2024).

A 64-year-old obese gentleman attended for further evaluation of ongoing dyspnoea in the context of a previous diagnosis of moderate COPD treated with dual long-acting bronchodilators. A cardiopulmonary exercise test (CPET) was performed, which demonstrated reduced peak work and oxygen consumption with evidence of dynamic hyperinflation, abnormal gas exchange and ventilatory limitation despite cardiac reserve. The CPET clarified the physiological process underpinning the patient’s dyspnoea and limiting the patient’s activities. This, in turn, helped the clinician tailor the patient’s management plan.