ARTP statement on cardiopulmonary exercise testing 2021.

Pritchard A; Burns P; Correia J; Jamieson P; Moxon P; Purvis J; Thomas M; Tighe H;

BMJ open respiratory research [BMJ Open Respir Res] 2021 Nov; Vol. 8 (1).

Cardiopulmonary exercise testing (CPET) has become an invaluable tool in healthcare, improving the diagnosis of disease and the quality, efficacy, assessment and safety of treatment across a range of pathologies. CPET’s superior ability to measure the global exercise response of the respiratory, cardiovascular and skeletal muscle systems simultaneously in a time and cost-efficient manner has led to the application of CPET in a range of settings from diagnosis of disease to preoperative assessment.
The Association for Respiratory Technology and Physiology Statement on Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing 2021 provides the practitioner and scientist with an outstanding resource to support and enhance practice, from equipment to testing to leadership, helping them deliver a quality assured service for the benefit of all patient groups.