Contribution of hemoglobin concentration to cardiorespiratory fitness in black African American patients with recently decompensated heart failure and reduced ejection fraction.

Thomas GK; Del Buono MG; Damonte JI; Moroni F; Mihalick V; Billingsley HE; Vecchiè A; Trankle CR; Talasaz A; Carbone S; Markley R; Turlington J; Duncan P; Lu J; Arena R; VAN Tassell B; Abbate A; Canada JM;

Minerva cardiology and angiology [Minerva Cardiol Angiol] 2022 Dec 05.
Date of Electronic Publication: 2022 Dec 05.

Background: Previous studies have shown that patients with heart failure with reduced ejection fraction (HFrEF) and anemia have reduced peak oxygen consumption (VO<inf>2</inf>). Black or African American (B-AA) patients have a higher prevalence of anemia and are underrepresented in clinical studies of HFrEF. The aim of this study was to determine the contribution of hemoglobin to peak VO<inf>2</inf> in B-AA patients recently hospitalized for acute decompensated HFrEF.
Methods: We analyzed cardiopulmonary exercise testing (CPX) data measured within two weeks of discharge for acute decompensated HF in B-AA patients with HFrEF (left ventricular ejection fraction [LVEF] ≤40%) without severe anemia (Hb<8 g/dL). Blood samples were collected prior to CPX. Data are reported as median [interquartile range] and compared between groups with the Mann-Whitney, Chi-Square, and Spearman’s rank tests.
Results: We included 81 patients; 27 (33%) women, 57 [27-79] years of age, Body Mass Index of 33 [15-55] kg/m 2 and LVEF of 30 [23-36] %. Hemoglobin ranged between 9.1 to 18.1 g/dL (median= 13.3 [11.9-14.5] g/dL); 26 (32%) were considered to have anemia based on a Hb concentration of males <13 g/dL and females <12 g/dL. Peak VO<inf>2</inf> was lower in patients with anemia (11.8 [10.0-14.2] vs. 14.1 [10.6-17.0] mL·kg -1 ·min -1 ; P=0.010) with a significant correlation between peak VO<inf>2</inf> and hemoglobin concentration (R=+0.455; P<0.001).
Conclusions: Anemia is prevalent among B-AA patients with recently decompensated HFrEF and appears to be a significant contributor to reductions in peak VO<inf>2</inf>.