Exercise Testing: Who, When, and Why?

Nelson, Nicole; Asplund,
Chad A.. PM&R:

Journal of Injury Function and Rehabilitation, March
2016, Vol. 8 Issue: Number 3, Number 3 Supplement 1 pS16-S23, 8p;

Abstract: There are different modalities of exercise testing that can
provide valuable information to physicians about patient and athlete
fitness and cardiopulmonary status. Cardiopulmonary exercise testing
(CPX) is a form of exercise testing that measures ventilatory and gas
exchange, heart rate, electrocardiogram, and blood pressures to provide
detailed information on the cardiovascular, pulmonary, and muscular
systems. This testing allows an accurate quantification of functional
capacity/measure of exercise tolerance, diagnosis of cardiopulmonary
disease, disease-progression monitoring or response to intervention,
and the prescription of exercise and training. CPX directly measures
inhaled and exhaled ventilator gases to determine the maximal oxygen
uptake, which reflects the body’s maximal use of oxygen and defines the
limits of the cardiopulmonary system.