Preoperative Nutrition and Prehabilitation

Gupta, Ruchir; Gan, Tong J..

Anesthesiology Clinics, March 2016, Vol. 34 Issue: Number 1
p143-153, 11p;

Abstract: Enhanced recovery after surgery is the natural
evolution of what were previously referred to as fast track programs
and seeks to implement a series of interventions to improve and enhance
recovery after major surgical procedures. Two important preoperative
aspects are nutrition and prehabilitation. Identifying nutritionally
deficient patients allows preoperative intervention to optimize their
nutritional status. The contribution of cardiopulmonary exercise
testing to the evaluation of perioperative risk, subsequent development
of a training program, and the use of indices to risk stratify and
measure improvement after a training program allow a personalized
preoperative program to be developed for each patient.