Sex differences on peak oxygen uptake in heart failure.

Palau P; Domínguez E; Núñez J;

ESC Heart Failure [ESC Heart Fail] 2019 Jul 19. Date of Electronic Publication: 2019 Jul 19.

Women represent nearly half of the adult heart failure (HF) population and they remain underrepresented in HF studies. We aimed to evaluate the evidence about peak oxygen uptake (peak VO2 ) for clinical stratification in women with HF. This narrative review summarizes (i) the evidence endorsing the value of cardiopulmonary exercise testing for clinical stratification and phenotyping HF population; (ii) the determinants of a person’s functional aerobic capacity to understand predicted values for patients with chronic HF; and (iii) sex differences on peak VO2 data in different forms of HF. Lastly, based on existing data in patients with HF, we provide a perspective on how to improve existing gaps about the utility of peak VO2 in clinical stratification in women. Peak VO2 provides prognosis information in patients with HF; however, its use has been limited for a reduced number of patients excluding women, elderly, and HF patients with preserved ejection fraction. Further studies will help to fill the wide gender gap about the utility of cardiopulmonary exercise testing in the risk assessment and management in women with HF.