Exercise testing and prescription in patients with inborn errors of muscle energy metabolism.

Batten K; Bhattacharya K; Simar D; Broderick C;

Journal of inherited metabolic disease [J Inherit Metab Dis] 2023 Jun 22.
Date of Electronic Publication: 2023 Jun 22.

Skeletal muscle is a dynamic organ requiring tight regulation of energy metabolism in order to provide bursts of energy for effective function. Several inborn errors of muscle energy metabolism (IEMEM) affect skeletal muscle function and therefore the ability to initiate and sustain physical activity. Exercise testing can be valuable in supporting diagnosis, however its use remains limited due to the inconsistency in data to inform its application in IEMEM populations. While exercise testing is often used in adults with IEMEM, its use in children is far more limited. Once a physiological limitation has been identified and the aetiology defined, habitual exercise can assist with improving functional capacity, with reports supporting favourable adaptations in adult patients with IEMEM. Despite the potential benefits of structured exercise programs, data in paediatric populations remain limited. This review will focus on the utilisation and limitations of exercise testing and prescription for both adults and children, in the management of McArdle Disease, long chain fatty acid oxidation disorders, and myopathic mitochondrial respiratory chain disorders.